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AutoMate 2 (32-bit Windows and DOS)

AutoMate has been a familiar name to many in the automotive service industry since the very late 1980's.  AutoMate 1 was initially written in Clarion2 and compatible with Windows and DOS versions that supported 16-bit executables. AutoMate 1 made way for AutoMate 2, just a few years after in the early 1990's,  and was one of the first 32-bit executables written in Clarion3, a leading programming language of the time. Still supporting DOS, 16-bit and 32-bit  Windows operating systems, AutoMate2 proved itself to be as a rock solid, tank of a program. It was and still is an extremely reliable as it is still being used today in Windows10 32-bit operating systems.

After a life spanning over 30 years, AM2 has reached it's end. The last version released is AM2 v8.105. External utility programs such as the V8Spooler, AutoLetter and AMBackup, are also no longer being developed.

Support regarding technical issues and data correction can be pre-purchased.

AutoMate 4 Windows (64-bit Windows)

AutoMate 4 Windows (AM4W) is a 64-bit WindowsTM application. Its design is such that even hard nosed AM2 users, after a short period of time, will feel they are in familiar surroundings.

The focus of AM4W is still to efficiently produce a document to bill your customer that maintains value and profitability in the work you do.

If you are curious or interested to see what A4W is like, you can download the AM4W installer and have a play.

AM4W is in early stages of development and is by no means is it a commercial product.

Please Note: Newer releases may require the removal of prior installs, including data generated by the prior installed version. Download the AM4W Installer.

AutoMate 4 Windows uses a new database named HFSQL.

HFSQL comes in 2 flavours, a file based database, or a Client/Server database.

The file database is inbuilt, whereas the Client/Server database has to be installed seperately.

The HFSQL Client/Server is a free to use product. It is Windows, Linux32 or Linux64 based.

To find out more about HFSQL Client/Server, click here.

HFSQL Client/Server download centre click here.